Mood Swings with Rages

My name is Betsy and I am 41 years old. My partner gave me a certificate to be assessed by Dr. Sharrie Hanley because he was afraid of the mood swings that I was having and that I was shutting him out of my life.

I have suffered for the past six years from an undiagnosed ailment that affected the left side of my head; it turned out that I was B-12 deficient. I had constant pressure, lack of REM sleep, massive mood swings. I was unable to control my temper -- something little would send me into rages. Even though I was being treated with B-12 injections, I had little quality of life and felt that my world was still out of control.

After being assessed by Dr. Sharrie and beginning training, my life has changed considerably. Uncontrollable rages are now few, and if I get angry it is only a little blip and I begin to deal with whatever is going on. My eleven year old said she is happy that I am not sad anymore and that I laugh a lot more. I am sleeping like a baby, getting the restful sleep that most people take for granted and the renewed ability to focus has improved my performance at work and in my family life.

I honestly believe that Neurofeedback has given me back my life. I am becoming the person that I was before I got ill. That is the most wonderful feeling.

Anxiety and Depression

My name is Donna and I have suffered from depression and anxiety for over 23 years. I heard about Dr. Sharrie Hanley through a friend of my hairdresser, postponed a call to her for about 4 week because I have tried both pharmaceuticals and alternative medicine before, with no success.

When I decided I really wasn’t ready to give up, I called Dr. Sharrie. She explained what neurofeedback was and the benefits that I may receive from it. Still a little reluctant, I went and saw her anyway. The first time I was really scared, but she made me feel comfortable.
After a few sessions I started to feel and see a difference. Now after four months of just one weekly visit, I can say that my depression is under control.  I have dropped four of my five medications.

I find myself living and loving life again. No anxiety, very little down time and I am not as emotional as I was before neurofeedback. So much has changed in me that I don't want to sleep, I want to see and do things and now I can! I don't break down at the drop of hat and most of all I feel whole. Dr Sharrie and her neurofeedback have given me life again. And surprisingly it has even helped with my memory and my attention to detail. I look forward to completing my neurofeedback training and the new life I am being given through it.


My 10 year old son had so much anxiety, he was unable to sleep.  After almost 2 years of psychotherapy, he still refused to talk to the therapist and spent most nights getting up continuously or staring at the ceiling.  His focusing and decision-making were being negatively affected.

A friend suggested we try neurofeedback and soon he was sleeping like a regular kid again. His grades and ability to focus in school were improved.  After completing the neurofeedback, I took him back to the therapist for a "good-bye" visit as she was moving her practice.  She was amazed at his maturity and ability to express what was bothering him.  In addition, his school had done some testing in prior years.  When the testing was repeated, his scores in anxiety and attention-deficit had dropped (his current teacher told me that she hadn't realized anxiety was an issue for him in the past).  He was also internalizing his stress less and was acting out far less than he had before neurofeedback.  Problems that were listed as "borderline clinical" now all fell into the normal range.  Overall he's a much happier kid and easier to get along with!

Learning Disability / Reading

Ever since he started school, my son struggled with reading; it was the only subject that he didn’t like, probably because it was hard for him. We hired tutors and for two years focused on getting extra help, but nothing changed. The school suggested further testing, which as disappointing because I thought that they were helping him already.

Frustrated, I looked into other ways of helping him, one of which was neurofeedback. I felt like most people probably do, wondering if this was the answer I was looking for or if I was throwing my money out the window. But my answer came after just a few sessions. He was a whole new kid, reading signs aloud as we passed them, reading his holiday cards out loud instead of just taking the money, and even read his sisters cards. My son’s confidence grew tremendously. While his teacher could not explain his change, we knew. In the end neurofeedback was worth seeing my son smile and feel comfortable with reading. We are now bringing our daughter in for neurofeedback!

Traumatic Brain Injury and Migraines

A Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) left me debilitated in four ways:

  1. The inability to sequence daily tasks: Trying to determine which came first: washing, drying or putting away dishes; showering or dressing; which came first- socks or shoes; and worst of all, writing daily lesson plans (which I had done for 15 years)
  2. The inability to recognize and fear of all commonplace sounds, including shuffling of feet, laughter, music, birds singing and mechanical noises such as a vacuum cleaner, refrigerator, dryer and small appliances
  3. The inability to sleep for more than one hour. Waking so many times each night began to impact my physical health
  4. Endlessly deliberating: I counted everything! My footsteps, floor tiles, my food, and anything that came within my sight.

Doctors had prescribed various medications and indicated that some of my behaviors would get somewhat better but basically advised me to accept my new life. After researching neurofeedback I decided I had little to lose and began my brain training with Dr. Sharrie.

After two sessions I was able to get a full night’s sleep and wake refreshed. After the third session I began to recognize sounds and notice a change in my ability to sequence daily tasks. I continued the protocol, which was personally designed to address my particular weaknesses. I was so surprised at each change this therapy made.

Today I am back teaching full time, doing everything I did before my TBI and more. I had suffered with severe migraines since the age of 12 and now for the first time in my life I am pain free. I have not had a migraine since! Neurofeedback gave me my life back.